Affordable jewelry with an expensive look

One of the most anticipated spring collections for LI Ljung in Lund is Sif Jackobs. Sif’s jewelry is always very interesting, but this time we are expecting something even more special and cool. STAY TUNED!

Some interesting facts about Sif:
  •  She was born in Iceland.
  •  Moved to Denmark, Copenhagen and started her jewelry company in 2006.
  •  At first, she wanted to be an architect, but soon realized, that she wanted to do different kind of design and tried jewelry, - as she says, “I wanted to design items with my hands and be able to touch and feel them”
  •  She owns a Harley Davidson and likes to ride it in Copenhagen’s streets
  •  Sif’s secret addiction is Coca Cola, she can’t live without it.
  •  Sif’s favorite pace of jewelry is a ring. “Everything always starts with a ring” - she says and I remember another famous jewelry designer, who said “of course my favorite is a ring, with ring you always give a hope, that something wonderful going to happen in life”
  •  She used to be black and white person – but now it’s all about the colors.

Sif’s creations are in a new way classic, with pure lines, but at the same time very different and always with an interesting twist. Sterling silver is rhodium plated, it gives to the jewelry soft shiny finish and almost never oxidizes. Gold plated pieces are also with rhodium finish, that's why gold “sits” much better. This is one of the best gold plated jewelry I’ve ever tried and believe me I tried a lot.*

Another great thing with Sif Jacobs jewelry is that you can easily mix and match her different collections and as easily with other designers’ pieces, even with very expensive ones, because, her jewelry looks extremely expensive, even that Sif’s prices are very affordable.

Company offers engraving, that means that you can personalize jewelry peace for you or make a very special gift for somebody who is very special. Engrave is always included in the price**

Her first passion architecture still inspires Sif, as she says “Quite often buildings, bridges or monuments I come across leads to inspirations for the next collection”

Born in Iceland, educated in Sweden, living and working in Denmark, Sif is a real NORDIC STAR. We love her timeless beautiful jewelry and, in our experience, almost in every age you can find some item which will inspire you. So, STAY TUNED!

*Jewelry is plated in gold, so you still should avoid water and chemicals

**we don’t engrave in the shop, we send jewelry to the main office