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And Just Like That… We turned 3!

We turned 3 years old today, 21st of March! Time flies! 

It was a nice, somewhat cold day on 21st of March 2019 and we had a reception with our friends and family at our small jewellery shop in Lund, Västra Mårtensgatan 10A! We were full of plans and hopes for having fun in our boutique, meeting people and spread some joy with jewellery from different designers and handmade pieces… Different styles for different taste and occasions, student events and weddings, simple dinners and other significant social gatherings that mark milestones of life…

It was like this for some months and when the 2019 was over and 2020 started we got more excited, with more people around us, who cherished our service and our jewellery. Some bought their gifts and jewellery only at our place, saying that they can always find ” something cool” at our shop, some just passed by us, admired our windows and planed for future shopping.

But 2020 started differently than we all expected… Corona came and spread uncertainty not only in Lund, but all over the world… We tried our best to help our customers, to create safe environment in the shop, offering home delivery in Lund, extra hours safe shopping and even virtual shopping. The best feeling in the world is to hear from the other side of the Skype call how grateful someone is that we helped them to choose some gift, that in their opinion would make their loved ones happy and brighten their day!

 We were trying our best, but of course it would be impossible to survive without support of our customers, mostly “Lundensians” dedicated to us and to Lund. Thank you for this devotion, support and love! We also want to  thank Lund city, that helped us a lot during the pandemic.

So, we got through Corona and were just about to celebrate spring when Russia invaded Ukraine. Spreading human catastrophic actions on the peaceful land… We admire the brave Ukrainian people fighting for their lives and their country!

We really hope that all this craziness will end soon, spring will finally be here and bring new hopes and peaceful joy of just being! And we hope that everyone starts to meet each-other, go to the parties, have fun and enjoy life! We, from our side will be happy to be able to give you our joy and the best of Spark and Glamour one can dream about!

So, just like that! Hope for brighter future never leaves us!

Cheers / Tamara & Tamara

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