How to where your jewellery

How and where to wear your jewellery

This is an era of JEWELLERY in fashion and everyday life. Today there are no rules on how and where to wear them. You can wear a bold necklace to the lunch date with your friends and maybe the same piece to the cocktail party.

We see every kind of jewellery from flea markets around the world to the most expensive ones. People are using priceless jewellery ry just for fun, not for very special occasions. We are not “careful” in using big and bold pieces anymore.

Here are some of the most popular Swedish jewelry brands you can buy in our shop:

  1. Yvone Christa was founded in 1991 in Los Angeles by Yvonne Clamf and Christina Soderstrom. The two Swedish designers met in Rome while attending design school, and shortly thereafter relocated to Los Angeles where their first jewellery pieces were created in a small shared apartment. Soon actresses and models discovered their unique designs and started to order custom pieces. Yvone Christa jewellery also appeared in film and television, as well as in exhibits at the National Swedish Museum of Art (Stockholm) and The National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC.

Yvone Christa New York is famous around the world for reinventing the ancient art of traditional filigree jewellery with a modern sensibility. Every piece of jewellery is carefully hand-crafted using the Venetian filigree technique: thin silver wires delicately twisted into patterns and soldered together, and then given an aged finish. Many pieces include freshwater pearls and semiprecious stones like jade, quartz, jasper, citrine, amethyst, onyx, and cubic zirconia.

  1. Sophie by Sophie was founded in 2006 by Sophie Gyllenhammar. Before starting the company, Sophie was doing exclusive designs for fine jewellery for the customers and then jewellers were making them, but when she noticed that the need for lower-priced jewellery ry was there she started her company. She still designs all her jewellery by herself. As Sophie says inspiration can come suddenly, from something she sees on the street, from the music she listens to, from the colors, as she says - inspiration comes from everything, between sky and earth and her mind and eyes are always open and she always has a notebook with her. Sophie by Sophies collections include fine jewellery and fashion jewellery stores, made in silver and gold-plated silver, some big pieces are made in brass. Stones are always precious stones. As Sophie likes to say, she makes jewellery for cool women of all ages. Sophie by Sophie supports three different charities




  1. Caroline Svedbom jewellery was launched in 2013 to bring joy and color to women of all ages. Caroline Svedbom jewellery is hand-made in a family studio in Greece where skilled craftsmen take pride in their attention to detail and quality in every step of the process. This means that every piece is not only unique but also of the highest quality. They are made in top-quality brass and with very special crystals from Austria. Caroline takes inspiration from her favorite place Greek Acropolis, where she likes to go very early in the mornings and enjoy its beauty and history. Her journey as a jewelry designer started in her childhood, her family worked with jewelry for generations. She loved to go to her father’s workplace and play with gemstones in his office. When she became older, she started to follow her dad on Jewellery exhibitions in Italy and decided that that was what she wants to do in the future. Today, Caroline Svedboms jewellery sells in more than 350 shops in Sweden and around the world. And as we often use to say to our customers - everyone from 5 to 95 loves Caroline Svedbom!

In conclusion, we just want to say:

  • Enjoy your jewellery and use it whenever you feel for it. You decide! Make them sparkle….


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